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National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy AttorneysLaw Offices of Stan E. Riddle, Attorneys & Lawyers - Bankruptcy & Taxes, Oakland, CA
The Law Offices of Stan E. RIddle

Stan E. Riddle
Hello!  You have arrived at our site. This can be quite an accomplishment. We appreciate that by now you have likely been flooded with letters and phone calls from debt collectors and marketing persons offering everything from debt settlement programs to loan modification assistance in Richmond. A lot of these businesses are likely from outside the area where you live and some of them may not even be valid businesses. In your research you may have also found websites that refer “local lawyers”, but what they don’t tell you that they are actually a service that sells the information you’ve provided to other law firms for about $50. As you can imagine, when this happens, you become the proverbial fish in a barrel. The frenzy of telephone calls, added to those you are already receiving from collection agencies and lenders, just compounds your stress making it more difficult to decide on the best course for you.  Rest assured that you have finally found a Richmond bankruptcy lawyer who will provide you with high quality reputable and professional legal representation for a fair price.

Our Philosophy
Bankruptcy attorneys may appear to all be the same, but as in most businesses this is far from the truth. There are attorneys who build high volume “drive-thru” practices where the primary goal is to sign up for as many cases as they can with the intention of spending as little time on each case as possible. These firms have so little time to send with their clients that they will hire from outside firms to represent you in your required court appearances.  This is even more common when the firm isn’t locally based.  If you sign up with a firm like this, you should expect to have minimal access to your lawyer and a very difficult time getting a refund.   Another issue to be aware of is that quite frequently lawyer referral services are selling your consultation request to one of the record number of brand new bankruptcy attorneys.  The main shortcoming of these firms is that they have only recently entered the field and lack the practical experience to anticipate difficult situations.

At the Law Offices of Stan E. Riddle, we offer the experience, accessibility and professionalism you need most when faced with difficult debt situations. You can be confident, that we put care and attention into your unique case to ensure that your goals are most effectively achieved.  You will be assured the ability to speak directly with Stan Riddle as he and his experienced team applies their knowledge and skill toward your case.

Debt Solutions
Don’t settle for the risks associated with out-of-state  legal services referral companies.  By hiring an experienced Richmond bankruptcy attorney directly, you dramatically increase your odds of being better served as you make these complex financial choices.  We take appointments for free legal consultations in our Richmond office which are completely confidential and where we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the numerous solutions to be had to resolve your debt troubles including:

  • Bankruptcy (Ch7 and Ch13)
  • Tax Resolutions
  • Short Sales
  • Loan Modifications
  • Debt Settlement
  • Litigation against your Lender

As a standard practice, the Bankruptcy Legal industry offers Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 cases for flat fees. The majority of the firms out there have similar prices for their services, so you shouldn’t expect to find much of a difference in price. You can expect to find that a typical Chapter 7 is priced from $1,000 to $2,000 along with a filing fee of $306. As you might expect, our firm’s pricing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy falls in this range.  Within this range your quoted price will be driven by the complexity of your unique case.  The costs associated with your case will be provided as part of the free consultation. 

Warning: You should be skeptical of any firm that advertises rates lower than the standard range. This approach to securing business is often a sign that their objectives with their client is to either operate a high-volume/scarcely accessible “Drive-thru”  firm OR a sign that the lawyer is struggling to get clients which could be indicative of other issues. We feel it is the best advice to hire an attorney that you feel confident in and who you will enjoy working with. This approach will serve you better than sacrificing service and reliability for a few dollars.

Our Location
We offer free legal consultations in our Richmond office (Appointment Only Please). We are located at the Hilltop Commercial Center at 3150 Hilltop Mall Road, Richmond, CA 94806.

From I-80 going West:
  • Take Richmond Parkway Exit
  • Proceed ahead onto Blume Drive
  • Turn Right onto Klose Way
  • Turn Left onto Hilltop Mall Road
  • The building is on the Left Side
    of the street
  • We are located in the Hilltop Commercial Center at 3150 Hilltop Mall Road

From I-80 going East:

  • Take Hilltop Mall/Auto Plaza Exit
  • Turn Left onto Hilltop Drive
  • Turn Right onto Blume Drive
  • Turn Left onto Garrity Way
  • Turn Right onto Hilltop Mall Road
  • The building is on the Right Side of the street
  • We are located in the Hilltop Commercial Center at 3150 Hilltop Mall Road

The Law Offices of
Stan E. Riddle

Hilltop Commercial Center
3150 Hilltop Mall Road
Richmond, CA 94806
Main: (510) 868-1765
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Hilltop Commercial Center